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Breast Care Center

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Welcome to the New Breast Care Center at Jordan Valley
When it comes to breast care, you want special attention. We kept that thought in mind when we designed the Breast Care Center at Jordan Valley. The Breast Care Center is warm, inviting and has every service you might need — all in one, convenient location. Here, you can be assured of a high level of individualized care from physicians on the medical staff and a multidisciplinary team with years of experience treating breast issues.


Saturday and evening appointments available. For more information, or to schedule an appointment for a mammogram, please call (801) 617-1919.


3D Mammography is Here!

Jordan Valley Medical Center is proud to now provide 3D mammography. This advanced procedure offers more accuracy and is administered by certified mammography technologists and interpreted by fellowship-trained breast radiologists.
 Who Should Get a 3D Mammogram?
A yearly mammogram is recommended for all women over the age of 40. If you have any of the following risk factors, we recommend a 3D mammogram:
• Baseline
• Prior history of breast cancer
• High risk of breast cancer
• Dense breast tissue
Hologic 3D Mammography is over 41% more accurate than traditional digital mammograms, which means earlier detection and fewer false alarms.*
*Data on file with Hologic, Inc.


Listen to Dr. Anne Kieryn's segment regarding breast cancer as featured on "Feedback" 

Listen Now!

Comprehensive Breast Care Services
The Breast Care Center at Jordan Valley is the first center in the Salt Lake area to provide women with comprehensive breast health care. Centrally located in a convenient and comfortable environment, the Breast Care Center provides a full range of preventive, diagnostic and treatment services, including:

  • Initial screening exams.
  • Digital mammography.
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).
  • Breast biopsies.
  • Stereotactic procedures.
  • Brachytherapy treatments.
  • Plastic reconstruction and cosmetic surgery.
  • Breast-conserving surgery.
  • Genetic testing.
  • Oncology.
  • Counseling and support services.
  • Educational programs.

Whether you visit our center for routine exams or you need the expertise of a breast surgeon and/or oncologist, you’ll enjoy a familiar, caring atmosphere. We also manage high-risk cases with effective prevention protocols, including more frequent screenings and possible gene testing.

 Benefits of the Breast Care Center
As a valued patient of the Breast Care Center at Jordan Valley, you’ll enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Faster treatment and less waiting time — all services are available in one, convenient outpatient location.
  • A comfortable, less clinical atmosphere — the center features a spa-like environment.
  • Complete range of tests to evaluate your breast symptoms — from yearly mammograms, to more advanced tests, including MRI, ultrasound, stereotactic and other minimally invasive breast biopsies.
  • A high level of clinical care — each patient receives individualized and personalized care from a nurse navigator.
  • Dedicated, experienced physicians on the medical staff and nurses who provide counseling and follow-up care
  • Support services, such as a nutritional counseling, a place for meditation, breast cancer support groups and networking.

Expert Care in a Spa-like Setting
The Breast Care Center at Jordan Valley features a multidisciplinary team of physicians on the medical staff, nurses, technicians, counselors and educators dedicated to the prevention, care and follow-up of breast conditions. Combined with the latest advancements in medical technology, the Breast Care Center offers many options in the treatment of breast health issues — all in one convenient, spa-like location designed with your comfort in mind. With effective and efficient transitions of care between symptoms and treatment, the Breast Care Center eases your entire treatment process and provides you with peace of mind.

Breast Cancer: Early Detection Saves Lives
According to the National Cancer Institute, nearly 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. And, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime. The most effective way to fight breast cancer is to detect the disease in its early stages. You can increase your chances for early detection of breast cancer by following five steps to good breast health:

  1. Perform a breast self-exam every month. Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to perform a breast self-exam.
  2. Have a clinical breast exam, conducted by a health care professional, every year. Call (801) 562-3171 to schedule an appointment at the Breast Care Center at Jordan Valley.
  3. See a doctor immediately if you experience breast cancer symptoms, such as breast pain, lump(s) you can feel or nipple discharge.
  4. Talk with your doctor about ways to reduce your risk.
  5. Have yearly mammograms (beginning at age 40). Call the Breast Care Center at (801) 562-3171 to schedule a mammography appointment.

Digital Mammography
A mammogram is a safe, low-dose X-ray that can detect irregularities in the breast, sometimes even before you or your doctor can feel a lump. At the Breast Care Center at Jordan Valley, our digital mammography systems offer the best opportunity for early diagnosis of breast cancer. This sophisticated imaging technology enables doctors to view high quality breast images on a computer screen, and magnify and enhance any areas of concern for more accurate readings. Our advanced mammography systems are also designed to improve your comfort while shortening your exam time.


For more information, or to schedule an appointment for a mammogram, please call (801) 562-3171.